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Spend your Summer In New York.

French Woods Sports and Arts Center is a premier northeast Summer Camp set in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. The Camp is located in Hancock NY only 2.5 hours from New York City.

Only for Teens !

French Woods Sports and Arts Center is one of 2 sleep-away camps in the USA that is specifically for teenagers. Male and female campers ages 12-17 have the option of an affordable 2, 4, 6, or 8 week session.

Choose your own activities

Campers can choose from traditional and not-so-traditional summer camp activities, and enjoy a fully elective program. With outstanding modern facilities unequaled in camping, strong elective program options and a highly qualified and experienced staff, French Woods Sports and Arts Center is an excellent choice when considering summer camps. Exceptional programs are offered in Sports, Arts, Technology, Extreme Sports, Circus, Rock Music, Digital Music Production, Dance, Water Sports, DJ and Radio, Theater, Communications, Magic, Cooking, Role Playing Games, and Equestrian. All this and more rolled up together in to one incredible summer experience!

A Place to Grow

We provide world class instruction in an enriching environment, where you can select any of the activities you’ll see on our Activities page. Empowering our campers to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments can increase motivation to try harder, try new activities, continues to build self-confidence, and achieve self-efficacy. The more you believe in your abilities, the more inclined you are to be motivated to attempt new things and become successful in those endeavors.


Check out the details of our program and then see which of our sessions work for your family.